Friday, November 14, 2008

     If anyone feels that the economy is decreasing, NO WORRIES! Do not let your style suffer. Keep watching the runways, there are alturnatives made just for you!

Designer product on the left and a more affordable option on the right:

Gucci Knot Ring $515.00

Target Knot Ring$9.99

Christian Louboutin pump $900.00

Bakers pump $89.99

Michael Kors handbag $800.00

Target handbag $ 19.99

It's your choice, enough said.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Three stylish retail managers who are always rockin' their own style and keeping fresh in fashion have been photographed and interviewed

Inspired by mood, Jamie dresses totally different from her personality. "My dress is very open playful and I am very mellow." She wanted to wear boots with a skirt and ended up with a creative-professional look. Her favorite designers are D squared (Dean & David), and Heatherette.

Vintage, Urban Outfitters and Delia's magazines inspire Lindsay. She dresses to show her personality and chose what she is wearing to be comfortable. her faves are Tulle, Free People, Synthia Rowley.

Nicole: She looks for new fashion trends to keep up to date and remain inspired. She looks at the way Rehanna dresses to get ideas. She dresses in different styles and is sometimes reflecting who she really is. She just felt like dressing up on this day. Her shopping got-to-have is Forever 21 because they are cheap and fashionable all in one!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Other Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs sites are readily available for most of your fashion needs. They have their advantages and disadvantages, however. One site I found has tons of usage, but is overfilled with lots of personal information/opinion. This site offered loads of detail on products and provided pics on clothing, makeup, and special occasions. Catch up with the celebrity blog spots and what their wearing with awesome daily highlights and pics- Awesome site, strictly celebs! The last I would like to recommend is a collective designer blog that also highlights different ways to style amazing clothes. This blog also provides information on crafty/fun items and where to get it. Just click on the underlined words to jump on the suggested link!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Blogging, in its booming state of development, is giving people worldwide a voice. With the freedom of whatever the writer chooses, blogs are often interesting and very personal. Informative blogs can sometimes purposely intend to get a reaction out of people. Some of them gain audience and publicity and sell out for millions.
It is important for fashion students in particular to blog in essence of spreading good finds or even bringing inspiration. Fashionistas are reaching out to other fashionistas by posting arousing career building events. Other fashion blog sites are giving fashion advice and tips on dressing for special occasions.
Blogging is simply endless and is just as great for the unveiling fashion student as anybody else. It’s such a way to release and also be heard. Everyday more and more people are jumping on the blog bandwagon for various reasons.

Fall Trend Intuition

Out of all the fall trends going on this season, I decided to go with the Romantic look. This look is created by layering textures, designs, patterns, colors, and accessories. Use exaggerated accessories like a mixed collection of long necklaces and big bags. Find your plaids and bags at consignment shops, or Good Will, don’t be surprised if you stumble across vintage designer products. (Buy them). All other styles to complete your romance look can be purchased at a discounted price at stores like Target or Kohl’s.