Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Three stylish retail managers who are always rockin' their own style and keeping fresh in fashion have been photographed and interviewed

Inspired by mood, Jamie dresses totally different from her personality. "My dress is very open playful and I am very mellow." She wanted to wear boots with a skirt and ended up with a creative-professional look. Her favorite designers are D squared (Dean & David), and Heatherette.

Vintage, Urban Outfitters and Delia's magazines inspire Lindsay. She dresses to show her personality and chose what she is wearing to be comfortable. her faves are Tulle, Free People, Synthia Rowley.

Nicole: She looks for new fashion trends to keep up to date and remain inspired. She looks at the way Rehanna dresses to get ideas. She dresses in different styles and is sometimes reflecting who she really is. She just felt like dressing up on this day. Her shopping got-to-have is Forever 21 because they are cheap and fashionable all in one!

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