Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Blogging, in its booming state of development, is giving people worldwide a voice. With the freedom of whatever the writer chooses, blogs are often interesting and very personal. Informative blogs can sometimes purposely intend to get a reaction out of people. Some of them gain audience and publicity and sell out for millions.
It is important for fashion students in particular to blog in essence of spreading good finds or even bringing inspiration. Fashionistas are reaching out to other fashionistas by posting arousing career building events. Other fashion blog sites are giving fashion advice and tips on dressing for special occasions.
Blogging is simply endless and is just as great for the unveiling fashion student as anybody else. It’s such a way to release and also be heard. Everyday more and more people are jumping on the blog bandwagon for various reasons.

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Whitney Ann said...

I love your picture above your blog. Its very cute.